I am a lifestyle natural light photographer based out of the Tri cities in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee and use a Nikon DSLR. I believe my passion for photography started way before I realized it. I found myself taking photos at different angles and trialing with different ways of capturing life. But I never realized that it was a passion until I had my daughters. Life is precious and I found out just how precious and important it was to capture life's moments. As my children continues to grow each day, I don't want to forget what those moments are like.

Some great memories I have are sitting down with my parents and watching old home videos and pulling out piles of photo albums.
To me, that memory is special and not only do I want to do that same thing with my daughters, but help other families create memories for a lifetime. Photography isn't about a camera, a setting, a location or an outfit, it's about the person sitting in front of my lens and their story. Everyone has a story and it's so awesome to be able to capture those stories, those moments.

I also have to give credit to my photographer my family uses, Desra. She taught me that photography doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg; that it can be affordable with quality. She inspired me to capture the little things, little toes, little hands, eyelashes... Those precious little parts of us that God made that sometimes we overlook because we might be too focused on capturing a smile. Thank you Desra for helping me along the way and inspiring me to tap into my passion and creativity that I didn't know existed.

I am married to my wonderful husband who is my best friend and encourages me to achieve my dreams.
We have 2 beautiful daughters and three yorkies; most days our house is a circus and I'm 100% ok with that! Most of all, I am a girl who loves the Lord and am thankful for what He has given me; we are blessed.

I am glad I decided to pursue my passion because in it, I have developed relationships that I never thought would be possible. I have met some wonderful people along the way and am excited to continue the journey and hopefully meet many more.


I continue to learn photography by participating in many classes and educational offerings; there is no limit to learning and constantly advancing my skills. I also hold a Master's in Business Administration degree.

My goal is for you to LOVE the photo in front of you as well as be able to meet the needs of the vision and goals you have for a session. And of course be satisfied for what you pay for!
Please browse through my photos and message me if you're interested in booking a session. Most all updated images taken recently will be on my Facebook page which is regularly updated as compared to my site.

 I would love to meet you!!


Oliver's Twist Photography 


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